Hola! Namaskar!

I am Sibashis Mahapatra- founder & promoter of Vox History .I am an engineer by profession and history enthusiast by passion. Hailing from Bhubaneswar (Odisha, India), I got fascinated by the beauties of age old temples of the city from my early childhood and perhaps this was what sparked interest in me to know more about history and rich cultural heritage of different places.

My love for history prompted me to regularly participate in discussions on various historical topics which would enrich my depth of knowledge. I have penned articles on various topics of historical importance, which were published in local dailies and online portals. I have also helped in researching the content for some popular short documentaries.

As a part of my personal mission to popularize history among mass, I have regularly organized different promotional events such as quiz contests, debates and essay writing contests in schools. I have organized some interactive history sessions in schools for the underprivileged.

When on a break, I love to travel. I like to explore remote heritage sites that have not come to limelight. I have travelled to most places in India and also to some countries in Europe and Asia.

After completing my undergrad from National Institute of Technology, Silchar   (Assam), I decided to put colors of passion to my interest in history in the form of a public platform, alongside my professional job and thus Vox History was born.

At Vox history, I have tried to present information from his decade old research on various historical topics, in form of articles, photographs and videos that will be of immense help to history aficionados of every genre and to anyone going through the website.